My name is Haruka Saito. I am a qualified Polestar Pilates Comprehensive (Studio) Practitioner, trained in the UK and residing in Tokyo.

I am an experienced practitioner in a diverse range of body movement disciplines, including Yoga, Pilates and Butoh. Furthermore, I graduated in Visual Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London, and I trained in classical violin, too. Thus, I have a wide horizon in regards to approaches, perspectives and solutions to body-mind balancing.

I offer fully personalised one-to-one Pilates sessions using a comprehensive range of Pilates equipment (please see Pilates), as well as Mat Pilates sessions in small groups at Studio Footnotes, my dedicated Pilates space in Komazawa. Sessions are available in English and Japanese.

Studio Footnotes is an open space where people interested in improving their quality of life can experience tailored and customised body movement tuition. I am also open to other Pilates and body movement practitioners to experiment and build a community that promotes well-being and awareness through body movement.

I favour a holistic approach, with body and mind as integral and complementary elements of my framework. I place practical experience at the centre of my ethos, both at a professional and personal level. I incorporate feedback from my clients, as this might allow for a more creative process to unfold. I endeavour to create a safe space for everyone at Studio Footnotes, for exploring and experiencing the body’s intelligence and transformative potential. In doing so, I also encourage clients to nurture a sense of being grounded, embodied, spacious and present.

Studio Footnotes 齋藤 悠(さいとう はるか)です。ピラティスプラクティショナーとし て、駒沢を拠点にピラティス専用のマシンを使った1対1のプライベートレッスンや、少人数グループレッスン、ワークショップなどを行なっています。

本スタジオでは、解剖学的に身体を捉えるだけでなく、動きの中で感覚や意識、認識を高めていくホリスティックアプローチを目指し、身体が効率的にバランスよく動くことで、怪我や不調からの回復を早めるだけでなく、運動のパフォーマンスアップや日常動作の質の向上を目指しています。また、Studio Footnotes は日本のボディ・ワークの現場で働く様々なバックグラウンドを持ったプラクティショナーが集まり、お互いに想像力を持って交流しながら、体が動くという現象を体験・実験・学習できる場も目指しています。

齋藤 悠:Polestar Pilates®コンプリヘンシブ認定プラクティショナー。インド政府公認 Sivananda Yoga 正式指導者。ロンドン大学ゴールドスミス・カレッジBAヒストリーオブ アート卒業。

Portrait by Anthony Garace

Studio Footnotes Komazawa