I first looked into Pilates to relieve back pain. After the first few sessions, the pain was gone completely. Haruka’s approach is quite collaborative and, as she guided me to explore different movements, I learned so much about my body. I leave each session feeling like I’ve had a great workout. Mentally, too, because each session involves a lot of concentration, so it’s great to make that mind-body connection in such a supported and educational way.

(Ivan V.)

I decided to try Pilates for rehabilitation and for reducing the side effects I was experiencing after a neck dissection. For example, I was unable to lift my right arm higher than the shoulder due to a nerve damage after the surgery. However, much to my surprise, after my second session with Haruka, the range of the arm movement was significantly improved.

As I continue to practise with Haruka, also thanks to her elaborate explanation on biomechanics, I've progressively rediscovered forgotten body parts and their connection to the rest of the body. These unexpected discoveries have become something I look forward to at every session. Not only the shoulder mobility (which was my initial goal), but also my posture and ways of moving have improved greatly. By understanding the mechanisms that initiate and inhibit body movements, even an un-athletic person like myself can achieve efficient and adaptable movement with a minimum amount of exercise. I prefer this way rather than mindlessly training the body. I recommend Haruka's sessions to anyone with an interest in an intellectual approach to the body and movement.

(Yuri S.)

What I like the most about Pilates is how it improved my body awareness. I learned how to control my body in new ways, and in particular to move more efficiently and effortlessly. That resulted in a better body stance, more efficient basic movements (like walking) and advanced ones (it improved my swimming and running techniques), and also relieved my chronic back pain. All this is thanks to my sessions with Haruka, who made me feel very comfortable since the beginning. She has a very easygoing approach, and makes every movement easy to follow and to understand. I would definitely recommend her sessions to anyone interested in improving their physical condition, mind-body balance and self-confidence.

(Antonio M.)

I am a yoga teacher and an educator for yoga teachers’ training programmes. I’ve enjoyed having Pilates sessions with Haruka because she respects my interests, feelings, sensations, and opinions. She gives me space for exploring my own experience. Each time, I discover new bodily sensations that had been forgotten and I gain a new perspective on my yoga practice, enriching it. As a bodywork professional, I must study anatomy and physiology. But it is not until I experience a gradual shift in my own body and perspective that I can truly assimilate and embody such knowledge. Thus, I value someone with the expertise and the ability to attentively see and listen to the body, who can share incisive opinions, and offer me an alternative perspective of body movement.

(Mai F.)